luni, 30 mai 2016

Best virtual tours with tourwizard

I noticed that in the last 2 years the real estate market in US and also in Europe has started to increase again, as more and more people overcome the financial struggle of the financial crysis.

So, if you need to sell your house only to purchase a bigger one then the moment has come to make this step. Or if you maybe have to use a real estate agency that is specialised in selling apartments, then I have an extraordinary tip for your promotional efforts, a software solution that will help you a lot in improving your listing, to increase your exposure, the conversion rate, and the best thing related to this would be that it will increase conversions or better say - will improve the ratio between the visits of potential customers and the actual sales.

Several of the most important selling points are: the fact that a person that is going to "visit" your property virtual tour will more likely buy the property, as he understands exactly how the house/apartment is finished, how is compartmentalized and how it really looks with all the ups and downs.

Also - regarding all the necessary marketing efforts, there is very important to say that this solution is going to offer you all the important features that you would ever need in order to embed it in certain web pages (like in a wordpress website) or platforms(facebook, twitter, etc), to share it on social media websites or to simply send the presentation link through the email to a potential buyer.

Simply put it, all the necessary things related to marketing are already there, in this solution, which is really a great selling point.

We kindly invite everyone you to test it and to share opinion about Tour Wizard.

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