marți, 5 iulie 2016

My partents are divorcing and selling their house :(

A divorce is always one of those nasty moments in life, the moments that you don't ever want to imagine, the moments that you never want to know of, the moments that should go as soon as they are over and the momment they cease to happen.

But.. a divorce is always a tough thing in your psychic and when you are talking about your parents there always questions that will remain unanswered. So... my parents have divorced a couple of months ago and I was in charge of selling their huge holiday house, as they both needed the money to built a new life somewhere else - so this meant that I had to be in charge with fixing stuff, finding a real estate company to be in charde with this, and also to hire a house appraisal.

So... I hhave hired a very nice guy from Orange County, I think that his name si Kevin - I don't remember the family name, but the guy explained me exactly what I would need to do in order to sell it quick and for a lot of money.

So... one of the most important aspects was promoting the listing, as selling without a real estate company would be more profitable for any individual, as I won't be needing to pay an agent.

And the key to a viable solution I could find in using Tour Wizard, a virtual tour software creator that is able to create a nice virtual tour for your property, and later it also helps with sharing oon social media, sending mails with your property and so on.

And you know what - in just 2 weeks I managed to sell that house for the desperation of my parents, who one week later were together again. Crazy people :(

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